Commutation with Hall and ABI combined


An ABI encoder and a Hall sensor can be combined to function as a single encoder for commutation. This combines the benefits of a high resolution angle from the ABI encoder, with the absolute electrical position provided by the Hall sensor.


  • The Drive needs a Hall sensor and an ABI encoder connected at two different connectors, both must be properly configured.
  • The motor phases and the Hall pins have to be connected according to the Servo drive’s documentation.
  • The ABI commutation offset has to be found before this feature starts working.


This feature is automatically enabled when there is one Hall encoder and one ABI encoder present.

The Hall encoder must be configured as Commutation only.

The ABI encoder may be configured with any of the commutation functions:

  • Commutation & Motion Control Feedback
  • Commutation & Monitoring
  • Commutation only
  • Commutation & Velocity

Detailed description

The singleturn position and electrical angle will be referenced to the ABI index. Therefore the commutation offset used for the combined encoder is the electrical angle between the ABI index to the “0” electrical angle.

The angle calculated from the Hall is referenced to the “0” electrical angle (Commutation offset should be ideally 0).