SOMANET is equipped with several possibilities to attach external sensors such as rotary encoders but also sensors that detect other physical signals.

It’s also possible to connect devices devices such as valves, magnetic actuators or LEDs to digital outputs.

For attaching a brake, please refer to brake configuration

  • Analog In: Analog sensors can be attached by differential or single-ended connections.
  • Digital I/O: Digital I/Os can be configured separately to be either input or output.
  • Sensor configuration Details for the most important sensor settings.

Differential and single-ended I/Os

Sensor connections can be used in single-ended or differential mode. Single-ended only needs one cable per connection but is susceptible to noise (1) as well as errors due to ground loops (2).


Differential connections use two wires where the signal is “mirrored”. The two signals are compared by an amplifier and only the signals that are opposite to each other count as valid.

This makes it insensitive to noise since the noise affects each signalling line in the same direction.