Encoder Calibration


SOMANET Circulo optionally features one or two integrated encoders.


The Encoders must be calibrated before putting the system into operation. This is done via OBLAC Box.


The Encoder calibration can not be performed in OBLAC Drives via Virtual Machine.


A special firmware is required for performing the calibration routine.
It’s designated “vX.Y.Z-calibration” (X.Y.Z being your current firmware)
You will find it in the list of firmwares in OBLAC Drives.


  • Set up your OBLAC Box

  • Install the latest firmware before commissioning

  • Configure your setup

  • Run Offset Detection

  • Perform System Identification

  • Perform Velocity Tuning



If two encoders are used, please calibrate encoder disk 2 (motor shaft) first and then repeat the procedure for encoder disk 1 (output shaft).

  • Download and install a special calibration version of the firmware

  • The firmware will provide information about positioning the magnetic ring - ensure it is within tolerances.

  • In order to reliably execute the calibration procedure, velocity should be tuned soft: Bandwidth approximately of 10 Hz and the velocity low pass filter should be set to approximately 50 Hz.

  • The calibration requires mechanical rotation of the motor with an attached encoder.

  • The shaft will perform 2 revolutions in one direction.

  • The system computes the optimal calibration parameters incrementally.

  • Each iteration requires approximately 6 seconds.

  • The rotation will continue several times in both directions.

After the optimal calibration parameters have been found:

  • Install the latest version of the firmware

  • Run Offset Detection again to find your optimized offset

  • Perform Velocity Tuning or Position Tuning (depending on the application)


The calibration procedure must be repeated when the mechanical position of the magnetic disk has changed. This can also occur when mechanical wear has impaired the system performance.

An error will be triggered during startup in the Error Report Object 0x203F when the calibration is required again: BisErBit