Load cycle

The maximum peak current can be applied when the following criteria are fulfilled:

1. Duration of one peak doesn’t exceed 10 seconds
2. Mounting temperature and ambient temperature within operating range
3. Over any period of 90 seconds, the RMS value I RMS,90s of the current does not exceed the allowable continuous current I :sub:` cont,max`. In the example of the current consisting of pulses with I = I peak,max and idle phases of I = 0 between them, the maximum allowable duty cycle would be 11.1% (e.g. 10 seconds of I = I peak,max, followed by 80 seconds of I = 0). In a more general way, this requirement can be written as

I_{RMS,90s} = \sqrt{\frac{1}{90} \cdot \int\limits_{t_1}^{t_1+90s} i^2 (t)\,dt} \ \leq \ I_{cont,max} \ \forall \ t_1