SOMANET Drive 400, Drive 1000 and Drive 2000

The SOMANET Drive modules implement latest power inverter technology to enable a node to efficiently drive one brushless motor. Hall-effect based current sensors for two phases, together with a high-quality ADC enable advanced control concepts such as Field-Oriented Control (FOC). Being equipped with two encoder interfaces supporting Hall, incremental encoder, BiSS and SSI and ports with SPI, ADC input and GPIOs, the module supports every external sensor that may be required by your application.


Please note that this documentation is valid for SOMANET modules Drive 400, Drive 1000 and Drive 2000. The models differ only in their power specs.
There are different versions of the Drive 400 and Drive 1000 module available.
Please check your module to find out which version you have.

You will find the version number on top of the module as indicated in the red circle below.