Handling instructions

Electrostatic discharge

All our products are sensitive electronic devices, please respect the following guidelines when handling them.



Static electricity can damage electronic devices and your system. To avoid damage, keep static-sensitive devices in their static-protective bags until you are ready to install them.

To reduce the possibility of electrostatic discharge, observe the following precautions:

  • Wear ESD protection gear such as wrist bands, ESD gloves, ESD shoes or use ESD-mats.

  • Limit your movement. Movement can cause static electricity to build up around you.

  • Handle the device carefully, holding it by its edges or frame.

  • Do not touch solder joints, pins, or exposed printed circuitry.

  • Do not leave the device where others can handle and possibly damage the device.

  • While the device is still in its anti-static bag, touch it to an unpainted metal part of the system unit for at least 2 seconds. (This action removes static electricity from the package and from your body).

  • Remove the device from its package and install it directly into your system, without putting it down. If it is necessary to put the device down, place it onto its static-protective bag. (If your device is an adapter, place it component-side up.) Do not place the device onto the cover of the system or onto a metal table.

  • Take additional care when you handle devices during cold weather. Indoor humidity tends to decrease in cold weather, causing an increase in static electricity.

Magnetic sensitive devices

The encoder rings of “Sense” products are magnetized with a magnetic pattern that can be changed by various influences.


Special precautions must be taken to maintain the quality of the magnetic pattern permanently:

  • Remove all strong magnets near the encoder rings - the stronger the magnet, the higher the risk of damage.

  • Keep strong magnets away from the encoder rings even for short moments. The farther away, the lower is the effect on the rings.

  • Make sure that no contact can occur between the encoder rings and strong permanent magnets or electromagnets during assembly.

  • Avoid all materials between the encoder ring and, for example, a magnetic brake, being magnetic.

  • When storing, supplying and picking parts, make sure the encoder rings are not transported or stored with other magnets. This includes permanent magnets for electric motors.

  • Remove all tools with magnetic properties from the assembly area, including magnetized screwdrivers (often indicated by a black tip).

  • Do not use magnet holders or handling magnets for the encoder rings.

  • Remove all bags or garments with magnetic closures when working with the encoders rings.

  • Avoid possible inductances caused by high voltage power lines near the encoder rings.

  • Do not store encoder rings in a contiguous way as this may cause magnetic interference.

  • Observe the minimal distance between the rings of 5 mm.