Servo Nodes

Whether you are planning a collaborative robotic arm, a service robot or even an automated logistics solution, with our compact and efficient drive controllers, robotic manufacturers can utilize advanced motion features with our plug & play solution. SOMANET Servo Nodes support all BLDC motors up to 60V. Modern control technologies such as model predictive Field Oriented Control allow a low heat dissipation to the drives while keeping up high motion control frequencies which are needed by precision robotics. Advanced disturbance compensation for sensor noise, non-linearity and torque ripple enable high quality motion even with medium to low cost components.

SOMANET Servo Nodes consist of several modules:

  • Com Modules communicate with dedicated industrial protocols.
  • Core Modules provide the necessary computing power with multi-core SoC.
  • Drive Modules can power BLDC and other PM with extra-low voltage up to 48 V DC.

Core (Processor Modules)

Core Modules are the heart of every SOMANET node. At the Core of every SOMANET Node there is a processor module carrying one or more SOMANET SoC processors. A single SoC core provides up to 8 deterministic real-time hardware threads. This enables to run every timing-critical application in a seperate thread. No need to struggle with execution sequences in main loops or resource-consuming microcontroller OS.

Com (Communication Modules)

Communication Modules let SOMANET Nodes speak with each other as well as any other device connected to the local network or the internet. Industry standard interfaces like EtherCAT, CAN or WiFi are available as well as the high-end proprietary real-time communication link Synapticon DX, suiting every possible requirement.

Drive & IO

Drive & IO are the link to the physical world for every SOMANET Node. They’re filling the hardware gap between motors or sensors and the processor controlling them. High-end BLDC & DC motor driver options are available as well as high-speed digital and analogue interfaces, supporting sensors like force/torque, sonar, IR, LIDAR and Cameras.