Dimensions and mechanical mounting


SOMANET Circulo is manufactured in tolerance class f according to ISO 2768-1.
Please ensure sufficient contact to heat conducting materials and use thermal paste if necessary.


Servo drives should not be mounted in direct sunlight.


Circulo 7Circulo 9Circulo 7
../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_top_view1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_side_view1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_encoder2.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_encoder1.png
Circulo 9
../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_top_view1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_side_view1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_encoder2.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_encoder1.png

Drilling patterns for mounting

Circulo 7Circulo 9Circulo 7
../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_mount_top1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_7_mount_bottom1.png
Circulo 9
../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_mount_top1.png ../../../../../_images/b1_circulo_9_mount_bottom1.png

Heat dissipation

For correct functioning, the servo drive must be installed on a sufficiently dimensioned heat conducting surface made of a suitable material, such as aluminum.

Ensure that the servo drive is screwed properly to the heat conducting surface to facilitate the heat transfer.

That’s it! The next step is commissioning and tuning your drive:

Commissioning and tuning with OBLAC Drives