SOMANET Drive 100



The SOMANET Drive 100 implements latest power transistor technology to enable a node to efficiently drive one brushless or brushed DC motor with up to 120 W per phase. Alternatively up to three brushed DC motors can be driven, if only one direction is required. Hall-effect based current sensors for two phases, together with a high-quality ADC enable sophisticated control concepts such as sensorless commutation or field-oriented control. Being equipped with a quadrature encoder interface and a port with SPI, ADC input and GPIOs, the module supports any external sensor that may be required by your application.

Due to the modular characteristics of SOMANET Nodes, Drive modules can be conimaged with various processing units as well as communication modules. In combination with the open-source SOMANET firmware components for high-end motor control, Drive modules are the key to the most flexible motor and motion control solution available.


Block Diagram


Technical Specs

General Specifications

General Specifications
# Of brushless / brushed DC / 3ph stepper axes 1 / 1 / 1 *
Supply voltage 12-24 V DC
Rated / peak / fused current 5 / 60 / 7 A **
Rated motor load 120 W ***
On-board voltage regulator 5 V DC (Node supply)
Number of current sensors 2 (Hall-based), 1 (Total current sensor)
PWM feed interface single or per phase
Quadrature encoder interface RS-422
Analog inputs 2x 0-4V
Digital IOs 4x GPIO
Integrated vitality monitoring Overtemperature / Undervoltages / Short Fault Operation / Controller Watchdog
On-board motor buffer capacitors yes ****
Motor connector options SPOX / FPC / solder
Dimensions 50 x 40 x 14.8 mm

* 1 brushed DC for full-fledged control, 2 for differential drives.

** 60A Power FET max continuous current.

*** Heat sink required for loads over 50 W.

**** Additional external capacitor might be required under some circumstances, depending on load and motor cable length.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

Property Min Average Max Unit
Vin 12   24 V
Vmax on motor phases     55 V
Maximum continuous phase current     5 A
Maximum short peak phase current     60 A
Fuse maximum current @ 1 minute load duration     7 A
Recommended motor power range (torque control) 100   120 W
Operating temperature -35   85 °C



Ports Definition

FET Driver
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
16 P1H0 FF1
24 P1N0 M1_LO_C
26 P1O0 M1_HI_B
52 P1P0 M1_LO_B
54 P1M0 M1_HI_C
56 P1L0 M1_LO_A
62 P1K0 M1_HI_A
72 P4F1 PWML
74 P4F0 PWMH
78 P1I0 FF2
68 P4F3 ESF
70 P4F2 Reset
DX Interface
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
12 P4D0 B1out
14 P4D1 B0out
18 P4D2 B0in
60 P4D3 B1in
Digital GPIO
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
2 P1E0 EXT_D1
22 P1J0 EXT_D2
28 P1A0 EXT_D0
32 P1B0 EXT_D3
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
Encoder Interface
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
30 P4A1 ENC_B
34 P4A0 ENC_A
38 P4A3 ENC_Q
44 P4A2 ENC_I
Motor Hall Interface
Pin XS1-L16-128 Drive 100
66 P4E2 HALL A
76 P4E1 HALL B
80 P4E0 HALL C

Power Supply

When the Drive 100 is included in a SOMANET device, this one provides power to the remaining boards assembled on top. For that, you simply need to supply the rated voltage on the power terminals of your Drive 100.


Heat Dissipation

Due to the occurring heat dissipation, a heatsink or other environmental mechanical design is usually required for loads higher than 50W. An aluminium heatsink reference design for SOMANET Drive 100 is available from Synapticon.

The contact surface of the reference design heatsink has a corresponding shape to conduct heat apart from the parts which are subject to heat disspation like for example the amplifier circuitry. In order to fix the heatsink, it provides tapped holes on each corner of the body.

Geometry & Dimensions