Technical Specifications

Power Specifications

Power Specifications

Maximum Peak Output Power

1,040 W

Maximum Continuous Output Power

1,040 W

Rated Supply Voltage

12-48 V DC

Maximum Supply Voltage

60 V DC

Minimum Supply Voltage

8 V DC

Maximum Input Current DC

24A DC

Maximum Phase Current RMS

33 A RMS

Efficiency (at Maximum Power)

98 %

Brake control power output

0-48 V PWM Phase D

Details about the power terminal

General specifications

General specifications

Supported Communication Standard


Number of Phases


Number of Analog Inputs *


Number of Digital IOs **

6 × GPIO / SPI*** / I 2 C***

Number of Encoder Connectors

2 ports

Supported Encoder Types

Encoder Port 1

ABI, ABZ (RS422/TTL****), HALL

Encoder Port 2

ABI, ABZ (RS422/TTL****), HALL, BiSS-C, SSI***

Motor Configurations

1 BLDC-Motor and 1 active brake

2 DC-Motors*****

1 DC-Motor*****, 1 active brake and 1 additional phase for external actuation

Brake control voltage

0-48 V PWM Phase D

More functions

Integrated Shunt Circuitry******


70 x 40 x 22 mm


80 g

Operating temperature

0 to 50 °C

Max. installation altitude

2000 m

Storage Temperature

-35 to 85 °C


5-85% rH

Sensors on-board

DC-BUS Voltage, DC-BUS current, Phase Voltage, Phase current (two phases measured, one computed), Temperature


* 4 single ended 0-5 V analog Inputs are supported. (Extendable to 0-10 V by request)

** 3.3 V CMOS logic

*** Upon Request.. rst-class:: widtch100percent

**** To use ABI/ABZ with TTL please ensure that your Encoder is capable to sink 5 mA to GND when the output of the encoder is 0

***** Currently not supported by our standard software. Can be developed upon request, please contact

****** External shunt resistor is needed