Grounding and connecting a brake

Please make sure you ground the board properly.

Your configuration will look like this:


In case you have additional Logic Supply, please wire your module like this:


Connecting a Brake

If your system has an attached brake, please connect the brake cables to Phase D and Ground. These two threads should be twisted together or at least be paired to have a minimum area between them.

By default, Logic Supply is deactivated, it is therefore recommended to use Logic Ground (pin 7 of the Main Supply Connector) for the brake.


If Logic Supply is active, Ground of the brake can be connected to the Ground cable of the 48V power supply in a spot close to the board or it can be connected together with the Ground of the 48V supply to the pin 5 of the Main Supply connector if they fit in there.


For mounting please refer to our mounting instructions:

Mounting instructions