Safety connector pinouts and mating parts


Connector Pinout

Safe digital I/O port

Pin# Designation Function
1 BY- Bypass- *
2 GND Safety GND
3 IN2 STO/SBC input 2
4 IN1 STO/SBC input 1
5 IN1 STO/SBC input 1
6 BY+ Bypass+ *

*STO-SBC functions are bypassed when Bypass+ is connected to Bypass-.


Please note that Safety GND is an isolated signal from drive GND.

Safe brake terminal

Pin # Designation Function
1 - Brake -
2 + Brake +


The safe brake is PWM based and can be configured with the regular brake object.

Connector types and mating parts numbers

Connector description Manufacturer Mating part number Crimping Contact Cable
Safe brake port JST ZER-02V-S SZE-002T-P0.3 0.08-0.21 mm² / 28-24 AWG
Safe digital I/O port JST GHR-06V-S SSHL-002T-P0.2 0.05-0.13mm² / AWG 30-26