Connector details and mating parts numbers

Connector description Manufacturer Mating part Crimping Contact Cable
Analog IN JST Sales America Inc. GHR-12V-S SSHL-002T-P0.2 26-30 AWG *
Encoder Ports 1 & 2 TE Connectivity 1-215083-0 N/A Flat Cable 28 AWG P1.27
Port 3 (Digital IO) JST Sales America Inc. GHR-08V-S SSHL-002T-P0.2 26-30 AWG *
Power Terminal Block Phoenix Contact N/A   5859 WH005 (Alpha Wire)
EtherCAT IN/OUT Molex 510210500 ** 500588000 28-32 AWG

* Crimped cable from JST Sales America can be used, Parts number: AGHGH28K305


** Housing only. Please ensure to only use shielded cables for EtherCAT communication!

Please also check out our dedicated EtherCAT node to PC cable which is specifically designed for this purpose.