Commissioning and Tuning with OBLAC Drives

OBLAC Drives makes operating SOMANET drives based on EtherCAT a breeze. It guides the user through the setup process, supports configuration and tuning of the SOMANET drive stack and makes the operation and first steps in turning a motor as easy as possible.

Synapticon OBLAC Drives is delivered as a VMware Image to run a Linux virtual machine containing Synapticon EtherCAT Tuning Tools.

Set up your OBLAC Box

OBLAC Box is a convenient way to commission your Node with the latest version of OBLAC Drives.

Installation Guide

OBLAC Drives runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Set up your drive system

How to set the parameters for your Motor and Sensors correctly.

Tune your drive

Each motor needs to be tuned before it is operational.

Tutorial: Motion Control System

Use the playground to rotate the motor to defined position or at defined torque.


If something goes wrong while using OBLAC Drives you can find troubleshooting instructions here.