OBLAC Drives Box

OBLAC Drives Box is a small computer with WiFi access that runs a minimal operating system and EtherCAT master. The OBLAC Drives commissioning software and update service are pre-installed.





  1. Plug in the power connector; the box will automatically boot.
  2. Optionally, connect the box to your local area network using the upper LAN port. This is necessary if you want to commission the SOMANET Servo Node through the network rather than via wireless.
  3. Connect the EtherCAT cable to the lower LAN port on the back of the box. Connect this to the SOMANET Servo Node EtherCAT on port IN.

Connect to the GUI

  1. A sticker on the side of the box contains the WiFi SSID (access point name) and password. Connect to the WiFi access point using your laptop or computer.
  2. Open a web browser to the IP stated on the sticker ( by default).

A pre-installed version of OBLAC Drives will open. You can access your Node by WiFi.

Accessing the internet

To access the internet there are two possibilities:

  1. Simply connect your LAN cable to your computer
  2. Connect your box to the LAN and discover the IP it received by browsing to Click the link provided, and OBLAC Drives will open through the LAN. You may now disconnect from the WiFi access point.

That’s it! You may now proceed to Commision your Node:

Set up your drive system

How to set the parameters for your Motor and Sensors correctly.