Manual Tuning of torque/current control loop

In the torque control loop the current is controlled, while the torque is directly proportional to the current.

Under normal operating conditions, the default tuning of the torque control loop should not be changed, because this control loop mostly relies on a model-based feedforward controller which has no need to be tuned at all. Instead the feedforward controller is parameterized by the specified physical motor parameters like phase resistance and inductance.

On top of the feedforward controller, the feedback controller is a purely proportional. Thus, there is only one gain, and it is accessible in the tuning area of OBLAC Drives. A change in this parameter is only recommended for expert users and the effects of any changes here should be tested in torque control mode first.

The torque control loop is the most inner loop of any velocity or position control loop, so changes in the torque control loop apply to any other control mode as well.