About this documentation


Throughout this documentation we use colored boxes that indicate potentially dangerous situations:


Background information that is not necessarily required for basic operation but for optimal performance.


Required for correct functionality. Ignoring these facts may result in erratic behavior or lack of function.


Indicates a situation that could possibly lead to serious accidents and/or destruction of the servo drive.


If these warnings are ignored, hazardous and potentially fatal situations may arise from improper or careless use.

Reporting errors

It is in our best interest to provide a detailed, user-centered and error-free documentation.

If anything is missing, not understandable or wrong, please use the red button at the bottom to send us feedback.

Using offline documentation

If you want to use the documentation offline, please generate the PDF with the green button at the bottom of each page, this will download the current page and everything below.

It is important to always have the most recent documentation available, so please be aware of the release number and issuing date which is indicated in the footer of each page.


This online documentation will be constantly updated and improved.

The version in the footer reflects the changes as follows:


Patch: Corrections that only affect single sites. These can be changed values or other details.

Minor: New software features, products or sections.

Major: New feature of the documentation system.


Be careful when sharing links since the structure is constantly updated.