Question & Answers

  • Where can I buy SOMANET products?

    Have you checked our product catalog?

    SOMANET Products can also be purchased from our distributors: Servotronix (Israel) and Lestina (China)

  • What does Com, Core and Drive stand for?

    Com, Core and Drive are the 3 main types of stackable SOMANET hardware modules. A typical SOMANET Servo Node is stacked of a Com, Core and a Drive module.

    Com modules provide real protocol communication capabilities to a node. Some example of Com modules are Com EtherCAT and Com Serial.

    Core modules take care of carrying out all the computation of a node, different Core modules differentiate one another mainly by the amount and type of cores they contain.

    Drive modules feature all the necessary power electronics and sensor interfaces for driving motors. There are different power classes of Drive Modules, e.g. a SOMANET Drive 1000 is capable of driving a 3 phase (BLDC or PMSM) motor with up to 1000 Watts of continuous power.

  • Why can’t I just install OBLAC Drives?

    OBLAC Drives uses the EtherCAT Master that runs as a Linux kernel module and it consists of multiple services running on a host. In order to support all major platforms we created the virtual machine based on Linux OS, that runs EtherCAT Master as a kernel module and all of the required services.