Technical specifications

Power Specification

Power Specification SOMANET Servo Node Circulo Circulo 700 Circulo 1800
Rated supply voltage DC 24-48 V
Maximum voltage DC 65 V
Continuous phase current RMS 8 A 24 A
Maximum phase current RMS (Load-cycle: 0.5s every 1.5 s) 24 A 60 A
Maximum efficiency 99 %
Standby power consumption TBD

General Specification

General Specification SOMANET Servo Node Circulo Circulo 700 Circulo 1800
Number of phases 3
Supported motors BLDC, PMSM
Hardware protections Overcurrent, overvoltage,undervoltage, overtemperature, PWM deadtime, PWM shoot through
Dimensions (see also dimension drawings) Inner diameter: 20 mm, Outer diameter: 72.2 mm, height: 26.3 mm Inner diameter: 40 mm, Outer diameter: 92.2 mm, height: 28.5 mm
Operating temperature TBD
Storage temperature -35 to 85 °C
Humidity Max 90 % rH
Sensors on-board 3 x Iphase, UDC, tMOSFET, tcore
Encoder interface (ext.) 1 x ABZ / SSI / BiSS-C /Nikon / Tamagawa
Brake pwr. output 1A @ 48V

5x Digital IO (3.3/5V), 1x Digital Output (3.3/5V), 1x Digital Input (24V)

1x Analog In Single Ended (0-10V),1x Analog In Differential (±5V)

Heatsink Aluminum
Integrated encoder (motor) Yes, absolute (optional)
Integrated encoder (joint) Yes, absolute (optional)
Integrated brake Yes (optional)

Optional Integrated Encoders

General Specifications Circulo 700 Circulo 1800
Operating principle Off-axis magnetic field scanning
Magnetic target Magnetic ring with 32 pole pairs Magnetic ring with 64 pole pairs
Scanning principle 2 arrays of Hall sensors for 2 magnetic tracks (Master/Nonius)
Interface BiSS
Encoder resolution 19 bit 20 bit
Absolute position On both encoders
Multiturn resolution 14 bit (battery based) N/A
Maximum speed 12000 RPM 6000 RPM
Encoder accuracy 0.035 deg/ 126 arcsec after calibration 0.025 deg/ 90 arcsec after calibration


Encoder 1 (inner)
Mounted on

Configuration 1: joint

Configuration 2: motor


Configuration 1: position

Configuration 2: position/velocity/commutation

Encoder 2 (outer)
Mounted on

Configuration 1: motor

Configuration 2: -


Configuration 1: velocity/commutation

Configuration 2: -

Magnetic data

Magnetic field strength at the surface of the chip 15 - 100 kA/m
Operating magnetic field frequency max 7 kHz
External magnetic field max 20 mT

Optional Integrated Brake

Brake specifications
Type Solenoid latch
Detailed specifications TBD