Sin/Cos Encoder Cable Adapter


The Sin/Cos Encoder Cable Adapter is an interface board which can be used to convert Sin/Cos encoder signals to BiSS Protocol.

This feature can be used by any board that supports BiSS, for example SOMANET Servo Node EtherCAT rev. D.4/E.1.


Block Diagram




Encoder Connector Top

Pin Signal Direction / Comment
1 5 V* Output max. 100 mA
2 SIN + Input
3 COS + Input
4 ZERO + Input
* If used with SOMANET Servo Node, this 5 V supply that can provide up to 100 mA for external use.
The supply is protected against short to ground and keeps the current below 400 mA in a continuous short.

Encoder Connector Bottom

Pin Signal Direction / Comment
1 ZERO - Input
2 COS - Input
3 SIN - Input
4 GND 5 V return

Interface Connector

The interface connector comes with a cable which will be connected to encoder port 1 or 2 of the SOMANET Drive 400/1000/2000 Node.

For connecting, please use a flat ribbon cable with 1.27mm pitch.

Pin Signal Direction / Comment
1 MA- Input
2 +5V Input
3 GND 5V Return
4 MA+ Input
5 SLO- Output
6 SLO+ Output

Mounting remarks

  • The PCB can be shrinked to a shrink tube with a diameter of 20 mm.
  • The PCB can be connected to encoder port 1 or 2 of Drive 400/1000/2000 D or E Revision

Strain relief

The board will be delivered with a strain relief. A cable tie can be used as a strain reliever:


On the right side of the image, the cable tie is symbolized in red and the cables in black. The Synapticon Logo can be connected to PE, e.g. the shield of a cable. There is the possibility to place a CAP and a resistor between PE and GND. In Standard version this is not placed.

If not needed, the strain reliever part can be broken off, then the module is shorter.


Soldered cables

Cables can also directly be soldered to the PCB. If this option is needed, please contact