Overview Allows to update bootloader enabled SOMANET devices with a new firmware.


This updater only works for the most recent version of our IgH EtherCAT master.

Visit our IgH EtherCAT Master for Linux Documentation for further information.

How to use it

Usage: [-h] [-a | -n <nodeid>] [–] <filename>

  • -h print a short help
  • -n <id> update only node <id> (id = { 0, 1, ... , N }; default node is 0)
  • -a update all nodes of type CiA402, the nodes are upated in sequence, starting from the lowest available index
  • <filename> full path of the firmware to write to the node(s)

It is necessary that Download the EtherCAT master software is installed in the default path (/opt/etherlab) on your system.


To update all SOMANET CiA402 nodes on the bus with the firmware file shinynewfirmware.bin run

./ -a shinynewfirmware.bin

If you want only to update the node number 3 on the bus you need to specify the node like in the next example

./ -n 3 shinynewfirmware.bin

To update only node 0 it is enough to run

./ shinynewfirmware.bin

which is equivalent to

./ -n 0 shinynewfirmware.bin


sii_example.bin is a binary file not suitable for human reading.