EtherCAT SDO Handling Demo (Slave)

  • Minimum Number of Cores: 2
  • Minimum Number of Tiles: 1

Quick How-to

  1. Assemble your SOMANET device.
  2. Wire up your device. Check how at your specific hardware documentation. power supply cable, and XTAG. Power up!
  3. Set up your XMOS development tools.
  4. Download and import in your workspace the SOMANET Motor Control Library and its dependencies.
  5. Open the main.xc within the app_demo_slave_sdo_handling. Include the board-support file according to your device. Also make sure to have an appropriate target in your Makefile.
  6. Run the application. This application does not provide console outputs.
    It is inteded to be used with Demo Master Object Dictionary Access

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