SOMANET Base Utilities Component


You will always need to include SOMANET Base in your project in order to run any other SOMANET Application.

The SOMANET Base Software Component is a collection of necessary utilities and basic firmware for SOMANET programming.


SOMANET Base currently consists of the following modules:

  • Board Support Module: Contains port mappings, low-level configurations and platform description files (*.xn) for all available SOMANET hardware modules.
  • SOMANET COM Recognition Module: Enables automatic recognition of SOMANET COM modules. For internal use only!
  • Locks Module: Provides an API to use locks between concurrent software tasks. For internal use only!
  • Reboot Module: Provides an API to reboot SOMANET chip. For internal use only!
  • Flash Service Module: Provides an API to access the internal flash of SOMANET SoCs. Mostly intended for internal use


Additionally, this component includes the following example applications:

  • XScope Test: Simple xSCOPE and debug prints test
  • COM-detect Test: Internal use only test application for COM-boards identification.