SOMANET Servo Node EtherCAT Operation Manual

Operate your drive: Torque control, velocity control and position control

For turning your motor we have compiled a Quick Start Manual that guides you through the essential steps.

STEP 1: Quick Start Manual

Connecting your drives to an overall motion system requires a Master computer that controls all the single motors (slaves).

STEP 2: Drive Control via EtherCAT

Different control modes and controller types are supported and described in a seperate manual

STEP 3: Control Modes and Controller Types

OBLAC Drives features sophisticated Auto-Tuning and comprehensive manual tuning options.

STEP 4: Controller Tuning

Advanced concepts such as Cogging Compensation and Feedforward Control for Dynamic Offset Torque.

STEP 5: Advanced Control Options

If your system is equipped with a brake, here you will find information how to set it up:

STEP 6: Brake Release Feature

A detailled description of each object can be found in:

Object Dictionary