Simple xSCOPE Demo

This is a simple example on how to use xSCOPE and debug prints forwarding via xSCOPE. While running, it should display a sinusoidal wave in xTIMEcomposer’s xSCOPE tab.

This app was originally provided by XMOS as an Application Note.

Hardware setup

You need a SOMANET node consisting of at least a SOMANET CORE board connected to you PC via the XMOS XTAG adapter.


In case you are using a SOMANET CORE C22 module, xSCOPE has to be activated by a hardware switch

Quick how-to

  1. Configure your Makefile inside app_test_xscope directory with your SOMANET Core Board. e.g.

  2. In the main.xc, include the board support package for your Core Board. e.g.

    #include <CORE_C22-rev-a.bsp>
  3. Enable your Real-Time xSCOPE in your xTIMEcomposer Run Configuration.

  • Open Run → Run Configurations in the upper menu
  • Double click xCORE Application
  • In the Main tab select C/C++ Application → Search Project… “app_test_xscope_Debug.xe”
  • In the XScope tabe enable “Real-Time Mode”
  1. Press “Run”!
  2. You should see this
  1. If you don’t see one of these windows, click on “Window/Show View”
  2. In case you see only half the sine, use your mouse to change the scaling by hovering over “Sample/Div” and scrolling