Board Support Module


You will need this module in all your SOMANET applications for an easy access to the hardware on your SOMANET device.

By including this module in your project you will provide access to the complete port mapping and other low-level configurations for SOMANET devices. Furthermore, it contains the targets definition files (*.xn) for the different SOMANET CORE boards so you can choose such targets in your app Makefile.

How to use

  1. Include the module in your app Makefile:

    USED_MODULES = module_board-support
  2. Include in your main.xc the board support packages that you might need in your hardware configuration. e.g.

    #include <CoreC22.bsp>
    #include <Drive100.bsp>
  3. Select your right target in your app Makefile. e.g.



Target Files

A list of target files can be found under the targets/ directory.

Set the appropriate TARGET in your app Makefile. It is not necessary to include the .bsp extension:


Board Support Files

Supported SOMANET boards, including Core, Drive, and Com modules, can be found under the bsp/ directory.

Add board support files (*.bsp) to your app by just including them. e.g.

#include <ComEtherCAT-rev-a.bsp>
#include <CoreC21-rev-b.bsp>
#include <Drive100.bsp>


Have a look at our demo apps to see how to use the definitions within these files.