0x603F:0 Error code

This object provides the error code of the last error which occurred in the drive device.
NOTE In CANopen networks, this object provides the same information as the lower 16-bit of sub-index 01h of the pre-defined error field (1003h).

Error CodeMeaning
2110hShort circuit/earth leakage (input)
2120hEarth leakage (input)
2121hEarth leakage phase L1
2122hEarth leakage phase L2
2123hEarth leakage phase L3
2130hShort circuit (input)
2131hShort circuit phases L1-L2
2132hShort circuit phases L2-L3
2133hShort circuit phases L3-L1
2211hInternal current no.1
2212hInternal current no.2
2213hOver-current in ramp function
2214hOver-current in the sequence
2220hContinuous over current (device internal)
2221hContinuous over current no.1
2222hContinuous over current no.2
2230hShort circuit/earth leakage (device internal)
2240hEarth leakage (device internal)
2250hShort circuit (device internal)
2310hContinuous over current
2311hContinuous over current no.1
2312hContinuous over current no.2
2320hShort circuit/earth leakage (motor-side)
2330hEarth leakage (motor-side)
2331hEarth leakage phase U
2332hEarth leakage phase V
2333hEarth leakage phase W
2340hShort circuit (motor-side)
2341hShort circuit phases U-V
2342hEarth leakage phase V-W
2343hEarth leakage phase W-U
2350hLoad level fault (I2t, thermal state)
2351hLoad level warning (I2t, thermal state)
3110hMains over-voltage
3111hMains over-voltage phase L1
3112hMains over-voltage phase L2
3113hMains over-voltage phase L3
3120hMains under-voltage
3121hMains under-voltage phase L1
3122hMains under-voltage phase L2
3123hMains under-voltage phase L3
3130hPhase failure
3131hPhase failure L1
3132hPhase failure L2
3133hPhase failure L3
3134hPhase sequence
3133hPhase failure L3
3140hMains frequency
3141hMains frequency too great
3142hMains frequency too small
3210hDC link over-voltage
3211hOver-voltage no. 1
3212hOver voltage no. 2
3220hDC link under-voltage
3221hUnder-voltage no. 1
3222hUnder-voltage no. 2
3230hLoad error
3310hOutput over-voltage
3311hOutput over-voltage phase U
3312hOutput over-voltage phase V
3313hOutput over-voltage phase W
3320hArmature circuit
3321hArmature circuit interrupted
3330hField circuit
3331hField circuit interrupted
4110hExcess ambient temperature
4120hToo low ambient temperature
4130hTemperature supply air
4140hTemperature air outlet
4210hExcess temperature device
4220hToo low temperature device
4300hTemperature drive
4310hExcess temperature drive
4320hToo low temperature drive
4400hTemperature supply
4410hExcess temperature supply
4420hToo low temperature supply
5110hSupply low voltage
5111hU1 = supply ±15V
5112hU2 = supply +24 V
5113hU3 = supply +5 V
5114hU4 = manufacturer-specific
5115hU5 = manufacturer-specific
5116hU6 = manufacturer-specific
5117hU7 = manufacturer-specific
5118hU8 = manufacturer-specific
5119hU9 = manufacturer-specific
5120hSupply intermediate circuit
5210hMeasurement circuit
5220hComputing circuit
5300hOperating unit
5400hPower section
5410hOutput stages
5430hInput stages
5441hContact 1 = manufacturer-specific
5442hContact 2 = manufacturer-specific
5443hContact 3 = manufacturer-specific
5444hContact 4 = manufacturer-specific
5445hContact 5 = manufacturer-specific
5451hS1 = l1
5452hS2 = l2
5453hS3 = l3
5454hS4 = manufacturer-specific
5455hS5 = manufacturer-specific
5456hS6 = manufacturer-specific
5457hS7 = manufacturer-specific
5458hS8 = manufacturer-specific
5459hS9 = manufacturer-specific
5500hHardware memory
6010hSoftware reset (watchdog)
6301h to 630FhData record no. 1 to no. 15
6310hLoss of parameters
6320hParameter error
7110hBrake chopper
7111hFailure brake chopper
7112hOver current brake chopper
7113hProtective circuit brake chopper
7121hMotor blocked
7122hMotor error or commutation malfunc.
7123hMotor tilted
7200hMeasurement circuit
7301hTacho fault
7302hTacho wrong polarity
7303hResolver 1 fault
7304hResolver 2 fault
7305hIncremental sensor 1 fault
7306hIncremental sensor 2 fault
7307hIncremental sensor 3 fault
7400hComputation circuit
7510hSerial interface no. 1
7520hSerial interface no. 2
7600hData storage (external)
8300hTorque control
8311hExcess torque
8312hDifficult start up
8313hStandstill torque
8321hInsufficient torque
8331hTorque fault
8400hVelocity speed controller
8500hPosition controller
8600hPositioning controller
8611hFollowing error
8612hReference limit
8700hSync controller
8800hWinding controller
8900hProcess data monitoring
F002hSub-synchronous run
F003hStroke operation
FF00h to FFFFhManufacturer-specific
Index 0x603F
SubIndex 0
Bit Size 16
Min Data
Max Data
Default Data 0
Access readonly (default)
Category optional (default)
PDO Mapping Transmit or Receive PDO