0x1000 Device Type

This object shall provide information about the device type. The object describes the type of the logical device and its functionality. It shall be composed of a 16-bit field that describes the device profile or the application profile that is used and a second 16-bit field, which gives additional information about optional functionality of the logical device. The additional information parameter is device profile specific and application profile specific. Its specification does not fall within the scope of this specification; it is defined in the appropriate device profile and application profile.

The value 0000h for the device profile number shall indicate a logical device that does not follow a standardized profile. In this case the additional information shall be 0000h (if no further logical device is implemented) or FFFFh (if a further logical device is implemented).

For multiple logical device modules the additional information parameter shall be FFFFh and the device profile number referenced by object 1000h shall be the profile of the first logical device in the object dictionary. All other profiles of a multiple logical device module shall identify their profiles at objects 67FFhh with x = internal number of the logical device (from 1 to 8) minus 1. These objects shall describe the device type of the preceding logical device, having the very same value definition as object 1000h.

Figure 52: Structure of the device type parameter

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Device Type 0x1000:0 UDINT 32 131474 readonly (default)