0x6041 Statusword

The status of the PDS FSA. Only bits 0-6 are supported.

15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
ms oms ila tr rm ms w sod qs ve f oe so rtso

LEGEND: ms = manufacturer-specific; oms = operation mode specific; ila = internal limit active; tr = target reached; rm = remote; w = warning; sod = switch on disabled; qs = quick stop; ve = voltage enabled; f = fault; oe = operation enabled; so = switched on; rtso = ready to switch on

State coding
Statusword PDS FSA state
xxxx xxxx x0xx 0000b Not ready to switch on
xxxx xxxx x1xx 0000b Switch on disabled
xxxx xxxx x01x 0001b Ready to switch on
xxxx xxxx x01x 0011b Switched on
xxxx xxxx x01x 0111b Operation enabled
xxxx xxxx x00x 0111b Quick stop active
xxxx xxxx x0xx 1111b Fault reaction active
xxxx xxxx x0xx 1000b Fault

If bit 4 (voltage enabled) of the statusword is 1, this indicates that high voltage is applied to the PDS.

If bit 5 (quick stop) of the statusword is 0, this indicates that the PDS is reacting on a quick stop request.

Operation mode specific bits of Statusword ("oms")
Bits Cyclic synchronous position control Cyclic synchronous velocity control Cyclic synchronous torque control
bit 12 (0x2000) Following error bit  not used
bit 13 (0x1000) Target torque ignored
Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Statusword 0x6041:0 UINT 16 0 readonly (default) Transmit PDO (Inputs)