Manually controlling phase D voltage


The voltage output of phase D can be controlled manually in real-time using the ‘manual output voltage’ mode of the brake control object.

This allows for custom brake release strategies on the master, as well as providing a generic output for a single phase device connected to this phase (e.g. a fan).


  • Connect the device to the 4th phase (D) and to Ground (GND), according to the wiring instructions

  • Set object ‘Brake options: Release strategy’ (subitem 0x2004:4) to ‘Manual output voltage’ (0), it is recommended to do so in ‘Brake Configuration’ of the Setup Wizard of OBLAC Drives.

  • Use the SDO object ‘Brake options: Brake status’ (subitem 0x2004:7) for switching the output on and off:

    1: off

    2: on

  • In the master assign ‘Brake options: Output voltage’ (subitem 0x2004:10) to PDO for controlling the output voltage in real-time, the unit is given in mV.

  • While the master is running, control the output voltage by writing the value in mV to ‘Output voltage’.

  • To turn off the output, write a 0 to ‘Output voltage’


Please note that the 4th phase voltage control comes with limited accuracy.

Use this feature only in low precision applications (e.g. load-dependant speed of a fan).