0x603F Error code

Provides the error code of the last error which occurred.  See object 0x203F Error report for a more detailed description.

Error Code Meaning
0x2220 Continuous over current (device internal)
0x2250 Short circuit (device internal)
0x2350 Load level fault (I2t, thermal state)
0x2351 Load level warning (I2t, thermal state)
0x3130 Phase failure
0x3131 Phase failure L1
0x3132 Phase failure L2
0x3133 Phase failure L3
0x3210 DC link over-voltage
0x3220 DC link under-voltage
0x3331 Field circuit interrupted
0x4210 Excess temperature device
0x4310 Excess temperature drive
0x5300 Operating unit
0x6010 Software reset (watchdog)
0x6320 Parameter error
0x7121 Motor blocked
0x7300 Sensor
0x7500 Communication


Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Error code 0x603F:0 UINT 16 0 readonly (default) Transmit PDO (Inputs)