0x60A9 SI unit velocity

The user-defined velocity units. Only the prefix is used by the firmware to scale the velocity; the second and third bytes are always fixed to RPM (0xB447).

The supported values are:

    1 RPM (value 0x00B44700 or 11814656) - default, but may not be precise enough for some applications.
  0.1 RPM (value 0xFFB44700 or 4290004736)
 0.01 RPM (value 0xFEB44700 or 4273227520)
0.001 RPM (value 0xFDB44700 or 4256450304)

Configurations with a gearbox may find 0.001 RPM is more appropriate.

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Options Unit Access PDO Mapping
SI unit velocity 0x60A9:0 UDINT 32
RPM 11814656
0.1 RPM 4290004736
0.01 RPM 4273227520
0.001 RPM 4256450304