Extended Control Functionalities

Synapticon provides several features for enhancing motion control even with low-cost hardware:

  • Cogging Torque Compensation This feature removes ripples caused by magnetic interaction between motor rotor and stator.

  • Field Weakening The velocity range of electric motors can be extended by weakening the magnetic field of the rotor linearly over the speed range.

  • Anti-Windup Control An Anti-Windup alogorithm is used to prevent the Integrator part to accumulate beyond acceptable boundaries.

  • Gain Scheduling Applies controller gains which will change dynamically regarding the current speed.

  • Motor Overload Protection (i2t) This feature limits the overcurrent injected to the motor to prevent damage from overheating.

  • Velocity feed forward To increase the velocity of the robot’s reaction, the target position signal can bypass the position controller.

  • Torque Offset This feature allows a better performance if the load of the drive suddenly drops.

  • Velocity Offset An additional velocity offset can be used to improve the positioning performance.

  • Filtering Digital filters can be used to remove unwanted frequencies such as noise or nonlinear effects.

  • Control supervision Allows to supervise the work of the control loops

  • Distributed clocks (DC clocks): Allows to synchronize the system time for enhanced performance.