Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Control

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The velocity control modes allow the EtherCAT master to send desired velocities to the SOMANET drive. The drive will make sure these velocity values are reached by the motor (if the motor is physically able to do so).

The internal structure of the velocity controller is a PID feedback structure, along with anti-windup on the integrator and low-pass filtering algorithms on the feedback signal to deal with the sensor noise. It is recommended to use this controller only as a PI controller (leave the D gain set to 0).

On top of the desired velocity input, the velocity controller also accepts a desired ‘offset torque’, which is a dynamically changeable torque value that will be added to the torque value generated by the velocity PI controller. See Torque Offset for further information.

Although the cascaded position control loop also includes a velocity feedback loop, the velocity controller described here and especially its controller gains are not used as part of any position controller. This means the controller gains for the velocity controller described here (objects 0x2011:1 … 0x2011:4) and the velocity cascade being part of the position controller (objects 0x2012:5 … 0x2012:8) are set independently.

Values Kp, Ki and Kd for Torque Controller

Values Kp, Ki, Kd and Controller Integral Limit for Velocity Controller