Manufacturer Specific Area

Index Name
0x2000 Command object (disabled)
0x2001 Commutation angle offset
0x2002 Position control strategy
0x2003 Motor specific settings
0x2003:1 Pole pairs
0x2003:2 Torque constant
0x2003:3 Phase resistance
0x2003:4 Phase inductance
0x2003:5 Motor phases inverted
0x2004 Brake options
0x2004:1 Pull voltage
0x2004:2 Hold voltage
0x2004:3 Pull time
0x2004:4 Release strategy
0x2004:5 Controller disable delay
0x2004:6 DC bus voltage (deprecated)
0x2004:7 Brake status
0x2004:8 Minimum displacement (pin brake)
0x2004:9 Maximum torque (pin brake)
0x2004:10 Output voltage
0x2004:11 Switching frequency
0x2005 Recuperation
0x2005:1 Recuperation enabled
0x2005:2 Min battery energy
0x2005:3 Max battery energy
0x2005:4 Min recuperation power
0x2005:5 Max recuperation power
0x2005:6 Minimum recuperation speed
0x2005:7 Maximum recuperation speed
0x2006 Protection
0x2006:1 Undervoltage setpoint
0x2006:2 Overvoltage setpoint
0x2006:3 Overcurrent setpoint
0x2008 Cogging torque compensation
0x2008:1 State
0x2008:2 Enabled
0x2009 Commutation offset
0x2009:1 State
0x2009:2 Applied percent of rated torque
0x200A I2t
0x200A:1 Enabled
0x200A:2 Peak time
0x200A:3 Percent max
0x200A:4 Protection active
0x2010 Torque controller
0x2010:1 Controller Kp
0x2010:2 Controller Ki
0x2010:3 Controller Kd
0x2010:4 Field weakening enabled
0x2010:5 Field weakening percentage
0x2010:6 Field weakening starting speed
0x2010:7 Field weakening ending speed
0x2010:8 Commutation angle measurement delay
0x2010:9 Switching frequency
0x2011 Velocity controller
0x2011:1 Controller Kp
0x2011:2 Controller Ki
0x2011:3 Controller Kd
0x2011:4 Controller integral limit
0x2012 Position controller
0x2012:1 Position loop Kp
0x2012:2 Position loop Ki
0x2012:3 Position loop Kd
0x2012:4 Position loop integral limit
0x2012:5 Velocity loop Kp
0x2012:6 Velocity loop Ki
0x2012:7 Velocity loop Kd
0x2012:8 Velocity loop integral limit
0x2013 Gain scheduling
0x2013:1 Enabled
0x2013:2 Threshold velocity 0
0x2013:3 Position loop Kp 0
0x2013:4 Position loop Ki 0
0x2013:5 Position loop Kd 0
0x2013:6 Position loop integral limit 0
0x2013:7 Velocity loop Kp 0
0x2013:8 Velocity loop Ki 0
0x2013:9 Velocity loop Kd 0
0x2013:10 Velocity loop integral limit 0
0x2013:11 Threshold velocity 1
0x2013:12 Position loop Kp 1
0x2013:13 Position loop Ki 1
0x2013:14 Position loop Kd 1
0x2013:15 Position loop integral limit 1
0x2013:16 Velocity loop Kp 1
0x2013:17 Velocity loop Ki 1
0x2013:18 Velocity loop Kd 1
0x2013:19 Velocity loop integral limit 1
0x2014 Torque window
0x2014:1 Value
0x2014:2 Time
0x2015 Velocity feed forward
0x2015:1 Gain
0x2015:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2021 Velocity feedback filter
0x2021:1 Type
0x2021:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2022 Position feedback filter
0x2022:1 Type
0x2022:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2023 Notch filter
0x2023:1 Enabled
0x2023:2 Center frequency
0x2023:3 Rejection band
0x2030 Core temperature
0x2030:1 Measured temperature
0x2031 Drive temperature
0x2031:1 Measured temperature
0x2038 External scaled measurement
0x2038:1 Scaled measurement value
0x2038:2 Analog input
0x2038:3 Resistance
0x2038:4 Constant a0
0x2038:5 Constant a1
0x2038:6 Constant a2
0x2038:7 Constant a3
0x2038:8 Constant a4
0x2038:9 Constant a5
0x203F Error report
0x203F:1 Description
0x2040 Input counter
0x20E1 High resolution data
0x20E1:1 Data 1
0x20E1:2 Data 2
0x20E1:3 Data 3
0x20E1:4 Data 4
0x20F0 Timestamp
0x20F2 Assigned name
0x20F3 DC synchronization
0x20F3:1 Synchronization cycle time
0x20F3:2 Time compensation
0x2100 Feedback sensor ports
0x2100:1 Sensor port 1
0x2100:2 Sensor port 2
0x2100:3 Sensor port 3
0x2100:4 Sensor port 4
0x2100:5 Sensor port 5
0x2201 BiSS encoder 1
0x2201:1 Type
0x2201:2 Function
0x2201:3 Resolution
0x2201:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2201:5 Polarity
0x2201:6 Multiturn resolution
0x2201:7 Clock frequency
0x2201:8 Timeout
0x2201:9 CRC polynom
0x2201:10 Clock port config (disabled)
0x2201:11 Data port config (disabled)
0x2201:12 Number of filling bits
0x2201:13 Number of bits to read while busy
0x2201:14 Status bits active value
0x2202 BiSS encoder 2
0x2202:1 Type
0x2202:2 Function
0x2202:3 Resolution
0x2202:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2202:5 Polarity
0x2202:6 Multiturn resolution
0x2202:7 Clock frequency
0x2202:8 Timeout
0x2202:9 CRC polynom
0x2202:10 Clock port config (disabled)
0x2202:11 Data port config (disabled)
0x2202:12 Number of filling bits
0x2202:13 Number of bits to read while busy
0x2202:14 Status bits active value
0x2203 REM 16MT encoder
0x2203:1 Type
0x2203:2 Function
0x2203:3 Resolution
0x2203:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2203:5 Polarity
0x2203:6 Filter
0x2205 Incremental encoder 1
0x2205:1 Type
0x2205:2 Function
0x2205:3 Resolution
0x2205:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2205:5 Polarity
0x2205:6 Number of channels
0x2205:7 Access signal type
0x2206 Incremental encoder 2
0x2206:1 Type
0x2206:2 Function
0x2206:3 Resolution
0x2206:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2206:5 Polarity
0x2206:6 Number of channels
0x2206:7 Access signal type
0x2207 Hall sensor 1
0x2207:1 Type
0x2207:2 Function
0x2207:3 Resolution
0x2207:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2207:5 Polarity
0x2208 Hall sensor 2
0x2208:1 Type
0x2208:2 Function
0x2208:3 Resolution
0x2208:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2208:5 Polarity
0x2209 SSI encoder 1
0x2209:1 Type
0x2209:2 Function
0x2209:3 Resolution
0x2209:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2209:5 Polarity
0x2209:6 Clock frequency
0x2209:7 Frame size
0x2209:8 Singleturn bits
0x2209:9 Singleturn first bit position
0x2209:10 Multiturn bits
0x2209:11 Multiturn first bit position
0x2209:12 Parity type
0x2209:13 First clock delay
0x2209:14 Data ordering
0x2209:15 Endianness
0x220A SSI encoder 2
0x220A:1 Type
0x220A:2 Function
0x220A:3 Resolution
0x220A:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x220A:5 Polarity
0x220A:6 Clock frequency
0x220A:7 Frame size
0x220A:8 Singleturn bits
0x220A:9 Singleturn first bit position
0x220A:10 Multiturn bits
0x220A:11 Multiturn first bit position
0x220A:12 Parity type
0x220A:13 First clock delay
0x220A:14 Data ordering
0x220A:15 Endianness
0x220B A Format encoder
0x220B:1 Type
0x220B:2 Function
0x220B:3 Resolution
0x220B:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x220B:5 Polarity
0x220B:6 Transmission speed
0x220B:7 Singleturn resolution
0x220B:8 Absolute encoder type
0x220C Fast ABI module
0x220C:1 Type
0x220C:2 Function
0x220C:3 Resolution
0x220C:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x220C:5 Polarity
0x220C:6 Signal type
0x220C:7 Index availability
0x220C:8 Index-A configuration
0x220C:9 Index-B configuration
0x220C:10 Index inverted
0x220E SinCos module
0x220E:1 Type
0x220E:2 Function
0x220E:3 Resolution
0x220E:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x220E:5 Polarity
0x220E:6 Sinewave cycles per revolution
0x220E:7 Sinewave resolution
0x220E:8 Sinusoidal output voltage
0x220E:9 Index availability
0x2210 GPIO pin configuration
0x2210:1 Pin 1
0x2210:2 Pin 2
0x2210:3 Pin 3
0x2210:4 Pin 4
0x2214 GPIO global options
0x2214:1 Voltage level
0x230A Secondary position value
0x230B Secondary velocity value
0x2401 Analog input 1
0x2402 Analog input 2
0x2403 Analog input 3
0x2404 Analog input 4
0x2501 Digital input 1
0x2502 Digital input 2
0x2503 Digital input 3
0x2504 Digital input 4
0x2601 Digital output 1
0x2602 Digital output 2
0x2603 Digital output 3
0x2604 Digital output 4
0x2611 Safety digital input diagnostics
0x2611:1 Input 1
0x2611:2 Input 2
0x2701 Tuning command
0x2702 Tuning status
0x2703 User MOSI
0x2704 User MISO
0x2705 Setup wizard completed