0x2027 Control input FIR filter

Boxcar FIR filter (uses rectangular gains); equivalent to a moving average filter.

Defines the interpolation window length in multiples of 250 us (e.g. 4 for a 1 ms window) in the `order` sub-object. 
Each 4 kHz cycle, the values in the buffer are summed up and divided by the buffer length to produce the output.
When the filter order is equal to the number of control cycles per target update period, the result is a linearly interpolated command.

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Options Unit Access PDO Mapping
Enabled 0x2027:1 BOOL 1
Disabled 0
Enabled 1

Set to 1 to enable the control input FIR filter.

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Order 0x2027:2 USINT 8 0 31 3 readwrite

The order or length of the FIR filter. Order of the filter means the maximum number of delay elements used in the filter circuit.