0x607E Polarity

Indicates if the velocity or position data are multiplied by 1 of by -1, effecitvely flipping the polarity of the command and feedback. The position polarity bit is used for profile position (pp) mode and cyclic sync position mode (csp). The velocity polarity bit is used for profile velocity (pv) mode and cyclic sync velocity mode (csv).

The valid values of this object are:

Position polarity flipped (128) - multiplies the position by -1
Velocity polarity flipped (64) - multiplies the velocity by -1
Both are flipped (192) - both velocity and position are multiplied by -1

The polarity flag has no influence on the homing mode.

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Polarity 0x607E:0 USINT 8 0 readwrite Receive PDO (Outputs)