Analog In

Analog sensors usually output a voltage or a resistance that can be interpreted by the firmware. When the output is a voltage, the signal can be directly read by the analog input, but if it’s a resistance (e.g. resistance temperature detectors), a voltage divider must be used to generate a voltage equivalent to the resistance.


If your servo drive does not incorporate a voltage divider itself, you must attach one separately.

SOMANET servo drives come with a default configuration for the analog inputs that can be alternated on request.

For details please refer to SOMANET Node’s Analog In configuration or to SOMANET Circulo’s Analog In configuration .

Using differential inputs for single-ended sensors

If you want to attach a single-ended encoder but the voltage range fits only to the differential ports, you may connect the signal to the + pin of the Analog In and the Ground to the - pin.


In this case you will lose half of your analog input range.

Nonlinear conversion of an analog voltage

  • Analog Input Scaling: Nonlinear conversion of an analog voltage using a 5th order polynomial function.