Communication Area

Index Name
0x1000 Device type
0x1001 Error register
0x1005 COB-ID SYNC
0x1006 Communication cycle period
0x1008 Manufacturer device name
0x100A Manufacturer software version
0x100C Guard time
0x100D Life time factor
0x1010 Store parameters
0x1010:1 Save all parameters
0x1011 Restore default parameters
0x1011:1 Restore all default parameters
0x1016 Consumer heartbeat time
0x1016:1 Consumer heartbeat time
0x1017 Producer heartbeat time
0x1018 Identity object
0x1018:1 Vendor-ID
0x1018:2 Product code
0x1018:3 Revision number
0x1018:4 Serial number
0x1019 Synchronous counter overflow value
0x1400 Receive PDO1 parameter
0x1400:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1400:2 Transmission type
0x1400:3 Inhibit time
0x1401 Receive PDO2 parameter
0x1401:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1401:2 Transmission type
0x1401:3 Inhibit time
0x1402 Receive PDO3 parameter
0x1402:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1402:2 Transmission type
0x1402:3 Inhibit time
0x1403 Receive PDO4 parameter
0x1403:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1403:2 Transmission type
0x1403:3 Inhibit time
0x1600 Receive PDO1 mapping
0x1600:1 Controlword
0x1600:2 Modes of operation
0x1600:3 Target torque
0x1600:4 Target position
0x1600:5 Target velocity
0x1600:6 Torque offset
0x1600:7 Tuning command
0x1601 Receive PDO2 mapping
0x1601:1 Digital output 1
0x1601:3 Digital output 2
0x1601:5 Digital output 3
0x1601:7 Digital output 4
0x1602 Receive PDO3 mapping
0x1602:1 User MOSI
0x1602:2 Velocity offset
0x1603 Receive PDO4 mapping
0x1800 Transmit PDO1 parameter
0x1800:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1800:2 Transmission type
0x1800:3 Inhibit time
0x1800:4 reserved
0x1800:5 Event timer
0x1801 Transmit PDO2 parameter
0x1801:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1801:2 Transmission type
0x1801:3 Inhibit time
0x1801:4 reserved
0x1801:5 Event timer
0x1802 Transmit PDO3 parameter
0x1802:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1802:2 Transmission type
0x1802:3 Inhibit time
0x1802:4 reserved
0x1802:5 Event timer
0x1803 Transmit PDO4 parameter
0x1803:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1803:2 Transmission type
0x1803:3 Inhibit time
0x1803:4 reserved
0x1803:5 Event timer
0x1A00 Transmit PDO1 mapping
0x1A00:1 Statusword
0x1A00:2 Modes of operation display
0x1A00:3 Position actual value
0x1A00:4 Velocity actual value
0x1A00:5 Torque actual value
0x1A01 Transmit PDO2 mapping
0x1A01:1 Secondary position value
0x1A01:2 Secondary velocity value
0x1A01:3 Analog input 1
0x1A01:4 Analog input 2
0x1A01:5 Analog input 3
0x1A01:6 Analog input 4
0x1A01:7 Tuning status
0x1A02 Transmit PDO3 mapping
0x1A02:1 Digital input 1
0x1A02:3 Digital input 2
0x1A02:5 Digital input 3
0x1A02:7 Digital input 4
0x1A03 Transmit PDO4 mapping
0x1A03:1 User MISO
0x1A03:2 Timestamp
0x1A03:3 Position demand internal value
0x1A03:4 Velocity demand value
0x1A03:5 Torque demand
0x1C00 Sync Manager
0x1C00:1 SyncMan 0
0x1C00:2 SyncMan 1
0x1C00:3 SyncMan 2
0x1C00:4 SyncMan 3
0x1C10 SM 0 Assignment
0x1C11 SM 1 Assignment
0x1C12 SM 2 Assignment
0x1C12:1 SubIndex 001
0x1C12:2 SubIndex 002
0x1C12:3 SubIndex 003
0x1C12:4 SubIndex 004
0x1C13 SM 3 Assignment
0x1C13:1 SubIndex 001
0x1C13:2 SubIndex 002
0x1C13:3 SubIndex 003
0x1C13:4 SubIndex 004