Profile Specific Area

Index Name
0x603F Error code
0x6040 Controlword
0x6041 Statusword
0x6060 Modes of operation
0x6061 Modes of operation display
0x6062 Position demand value
0x6064 Position actual value
0x6065 Following error window
0x6066 Following error time out
0x6067 Position window
0x6068 Position window time
0x606B Velocity demand value
0x606C Velocity actual value
0x606D Velocity window
0x606E Velocity window time
0x606F Velocity threshold
0x6070 Velocity threshold time
0x6071 Target torque
0x6072 Max torque
0x6073 Max current
0x6074 Torque demand
0x6075 Motor rated current
0x6076 Motor rated torque
0x6077 Torque actual value
0x6079 DC link circuit voltage
0x607A Target position
0x607B Position range limit
0x607B:1 Min position range limit
0x607B:2 Max position range limit
0x607C Home offset
0x607D Software position limit
0x607D:1 Min position limit
0x607D:2 Max position limit
0x607E Polarity
0x6080 Max motor speed
0x6081 Profile velocity
0x6083 Profile acceleration
0x6084 Profile deceleration
0x6085 Quick stop deceleration
0x6086 Motion profile type
0x6087 Torque slope
0x6088 Torque profile type
0x6091 Gear ratio
0x6091:1 Motor revolutions
0x6091:2 Shaft revolutions
0x6098 Homing method
0x6099 Homing speeds
0x6099:1 Speed during search for switch
0x6099:2 Speed during search for zero
0x609A Homing acceleration
0x60A9 SI unit velocity
0x60B1 Velocity offset
0x60B2 Torque offset
0x60E3 Supported homing methods
0x60E3:1 Method 01
0x60E3:2 Method 02
0x60E3:3 Method 03
0x60E3:4 Method 04
0x60F4 Following error actual value
0x60FA Control effort
0x60FC Position demand internal value
0x60FF Target velocity
0x6502 Supported drive modes
0x6621 Safety statusword
0x6621:1 Byte 1
0x6621:2 Byte 2