This feature allows users to define limits for the following values:

  • Undervoltage

  • Overvoltage

  • Overcurrent

Once these limits are violated, an error is triggered and the drive is stopped.

Also, a limit for Overtemperature triggers the error but this value is not customizable.

The temperature of the core board and the inverter are also measured and the values are available through objects 0x2030 (Core temperature) and 0x2031 (Drive temperature). The unit is given in m°C.


To set the value for user-defined protection limits, enter the value in the corresponding subitems of object 0x2006 Protection

Undervoltage: 0x2006:1, Unit given in V
Overvoltage: 0x2006:2, Unit given in V
Overcurrent: 0x2006:3, Unit given in mA