0x2021 Velocity feedback filter

Measured velocity signal from the sensor can be filtered. There is only one type of filtering that the user can choose:
1st order low pass filter with formula G(s)=1/(1+sT), where T=1/(2*pi*f),
The filter is implemented in discrete domain using Euler's forward difference discretization method, i.e. s=1/T*(1-z^-1).

The filter is enabled by setting the filter type parameter to 1, and disabled by setting it to 0. Parameter cutoff frequency is set in [Hz].

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Options Unit Access PDO Mapping
Type 0x2021:1 USINT 8
Disabled 0
1st order low pass 1
Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Cutoff frequency 0x2021:2 UDINT 32 0 Hz readwrite