0x2027 Control input FIR filter

FIR filter (boxcar)
Depending on the mode of operation, this filter acts on the position or velocity demand values sent from the master. The sampling frequency is the same as the cycle time of the position controller (4 kHz). It can be used as an input profiler (or "shaper") to realize linear interpolation between successive commands (see documentation), or to limit the jerk of the profilers (see documentation). The default value is suited for masters operating at 1 kHz.
Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Options Unit Access PDO Mapping
Enabled 0x2027:1 BOOL 1
Disabled 0
Enabled 1

Set to 1 to enable the control input FIR filter.

Name Index:Sub Type Bit Size Min Data Max Data Default Data Unit Access PDO Mapping
Order 0x2027:2 USINT 8 0 31 3 readwrite

The order or length of the FIR filter. Order of the filter means the maximum number of delay elements used in the filter circuit.