Digital I/O

SOMANET supports several Digital I/O which can be either used as GPIO or SPI SSI (single-ended), I²C, BiSS (single-ended).

Details and default settings are described in detail for Node and for Circulo.

Configuration of Digital I/Os as Input or Output

Most Digital I/Os are configurable as either input or output independently if they are used as general purpose input/output (GPIO). This is done in object 0x2210.

Subitems 1-4 describe the available pins and can be configured with these values:

  • 0 Disabled (default)

  • 1 Input without pull-down

  • 2 Input active high - a pull-down resistor will be activated

  • 3 Output

Using Digital I/Os for input actions or output events

It’s possible to use the Digital Inputs of the Drive to command actions and to configure the Digital Outputs to trigger when certain events happen. This can be used to control some aspects of the Drive with an external signal or to control an external device with the Drive:

  • Digital GPIO: Assigns actions to changes in the Digital Inputs and triggers Digital Outputs


Select if Digital I/Os are input or output.