List of all Objects

Communication Area
Index Name
0x1000 Device type
0x1001 Error register
0x1005 COB-ID SYNC
0x1006 Communication cycle period
0x1008 Manufacturer device name
0x100A Manufacturer software version
0x100C Guard time
0x100D Life time factor
0x1010 Store parameters
0x1010:1 Save all parameters
0x1011 Restore default parameters
0x1011:1 Restore all default parameters
0x1011:2 Restore communication default parameters (disabled)
0x1011:3 Restore application default parameters (disabled)
0x1011:4 Restore manufacturer default parameters
0x1016 Consumer heartbeat time
0x1016:1 Consumer heartbeat time
0x1017 Producer heartbeat time
0x1018 Identity object
0x1018:1 Vendor-ID
0x1018:2 Product Code
0x1018:3 Revision number
0x1018:4 Serial number
0x1019 Synchronous counter overflow value
0x1023 OS command
0x1023:1 Command
0x1023:2 Status
0x1023:3 Response
0x1024 OS command mode
0x1400 Receive PDO1 parameter
0x1400:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1400:2 Transmission type
0x1400:3 Inhibit time
0x1401 Receive PDO2 parameter
0x1401:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1401:2 Transmission type
0x1401:3 Inhibit time
0x1402 Receive PDO3 parameter
0x1402:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1402:2 Transmission type
0x1402:3 Inhibit time
0x1403 Receive PDO4 parameter
0x1403:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1403:2 Transmission type
0x1403:3 Inhibit time
0x1800 Transmit PDO1 parameter
0x1800:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1800:2 Transmission type
0x1800:3 Inhibit time
0x1800:4 reserved
0x1800:5 Event timer
0x1801 Transmit PDO2 parameter
0x1801:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1801:2 Transmission type
0x1801:3 Inhibit time
0x1801:4 reserved
0x1801:5 Event timer
0x1802 Transmit PDO3 parameter
0x1802:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1802:2 Transmission type
0x1802:3 Inhibit time
0x1802:4 reserved
0x1802:5 Event timer
0x1803 Transmit PDO4 parameter
0x1803:1 COB-ID used by PDO
0x1803:2 Transmission type
0x1803:3 Inhibit time
0x1803:4 reserved
0x1803:5 Event timer
0x1C00 Sync Manager
0x1C00:1 SyncMan 0
0x1C00:2 SyncMan 1
0x1C00:3 SyncMan 2
0x1C00:4 SyncMan 3
0x1C10 SM 0 Assignment
0x1C11 SM 1 Assignment
0x1C12 SM 2 Assignment
0x1C12:1 SubIndex 001
0x1C12:2 SubIndex 002
0x1C12:3 SubIndex 003
0x1C12:4 SubIndex 004
0x1C13 SM 3 Assignment
0x1C13:1 SubIndex 001
0x1C13:2 SubIndex 002
0x1C13:3 SubIndex 003
0x1C13:4 SubIndex 004
Standard RxPDO mapped Objects
Index PDO Index Name
0x1600 Receive PDO1 mapping
0x1600:1 0x6040 Controlword
0x1600:2 0x6060 Modes of operation
0x1600:3 0x6071 Target Torque
0x1600:4 0x607A Target position
0x1600:5 0x60FF Target velocity
0x1600:6 0x60B2 Torque offset
0x1600:7 0x2701 Tuning command
0x1601 Receive PDO2 mapping
0x1601:1 0x60FE Physical outputs
0x1601:2 0x60FE Bit mask
0x1602 Receive PDO3 mapping
0x1602:1 0x2703 User MOSI
0x1602:2 0x60B1 Velocity offset
0x1603 Receive PDO4 mapping
Standard TxPDO mapped Objects
Index PDO Index Name
0x1A00 Transmit PDO1 mapping
0x1A00:1 0x6041 Statusword
0x1A00:2 0x6061 Modes of operation display
0x1A00:3 0x6064 Position actual value
0x1A00:4 0x606C Velocity actual value
0x1A00:5 0x6077 Torque actual value
0x1A01 Transmit PDO2 mapping
0x1A01:1 0x2401 Analog input 1
0x1A01:2 0x2402 Analog input 2
0x1A01:3 0x2403 Analog input 3
0x1A01:4 0x2404 Analog input 4
0x1A01:5 0x2702 Tuning status
0x1A02 Transmit PDO3 mapping
0x1A02:1 0x60FD Digital inputs
0x1A03 Transmit PDO4 mapping
0x1A03:1 0x2704 User MISO
0x1A03:2 0x20F0 Timestamp
0x1A03:3 0x60FC Position demand internal value
0x1A03:4 0x606B Velocity demand value
0x1A03:5 0x6074 Torque demand
Manufacturer Specific Area
Index Name
0x2000 Command object (disabled)
0x2001 Commutation angle offset
0x2002 Position control strategy
0x2003 Motor specific settings
0x2003:1 Pole pairs
0x2003:2 Torque constant
0x2003:3 Phase resistance
0x2003:4 Phase inductance
0x2003:5 Motor phases inverted
0x2004 Brake options
0x2004:1 Pull voltage
0x2004:2 Hold voltage
0x2004:3 Pull time
0x2004:4 Release strategy
0x2004:5 Controller disable delay
0x2004:6 DC bus voltage (deprecated)
0x2004:7 Brake status
0x2004:8 Minimum displacement (pin brake)
0x2004:9 Maximum torque (pin brake)
0x2004:10 Output voltage
0x2004:11 Switching frequency
0x2006 Protection
0x2006:1 Undervoltage setpoint
0x2006:2 Overvoltage setpoint
0x2006:3 Overcurrent setpoint
0x2008 Cogging torque compensation
0x2008:1 State
0x2008:2 Enabled
0x2009 Commutation offset
0x2009:1 State
0x2009:2 Applied percent of rated torque
0x2009:3 Measurement method
0x2009:4 Phasing controller Kp
0x2009:5 Phasing controller Ki
0x2009:6 Phasing controller Kd
0x200A I2t
0x200A:1 Enabled
0x200A:2 Peak time
0x200A:3 Percent max
0x200A:4 Protection active
0x200B Max power
0x2010 Torque controller
0x2010:1 Controller Kp (disabled)
0x2010:2 Controller Ki (disabled)
0x2010:3 Controller Kd (disabled)
0x2010:4 Field weakening enabled
0x2010:5 Field weakening percentage
0x2010:6 Field weakening starting speed
0x2010:7 Field weakening ending speed
0x2010:8 Commutation angle measurement delay
0x2010:9 Switching frequency
0x2010:10 Settling time
0x2010:11 Damping ratio
0x2010:12 Encoder source
0x2011 Velocity controller
0x2011:1 Controller Kp
0x2011:2 Controller Ki
0x2011:3 Controller Kd
0x2011:4 Controller integral limit
0x2011:5 Encoder source
0x2012 Position controller
0x2012:1 Position loop Kp
0x2012:2 Position loop Ki
0x2012:3 Position loop Kd
0x2012:4 Position loop integral limit
0x2012:5 Velocity loop Kp
0x2012:6 Velocity loop Ki
0x2012:7 Velocity loop Kd
0x2012:8 Velocity loop integral limit
0x2012:9 Encoder source
0x2013 Gain scheduling
0x2013:1 Enabled
0x2013:2 Threshold velocity 0
0x2013:3 Position loop Kp 0
0x2013:4 Position loop Ki 0
0x2013:5 Position loop Kd 0
0x2013:6 Position loop integral limit 0
0x2013:7 Velocity loop Kp 0
0x2013:8 Velocity loop Ki 0
0x2013:9 Velocity loop Kd 0
0x2013:10 Velocity loop integral limit 0
0x2013:11 Threshold velocity 1
0x2013:12 Position loop Kp 1
0x2013:13 Position loop Ki 1
0x2013:14 Position loop Kd 1
0x2013:15 Position loop integral limit 1
0x2013:16 Velocity loop Kp 1
0x2013:17 Velocity loop Ki 1
0x2013:18 Velocity loop Kd 1
0x2013:19 Velocity loop integral limit 1
0x2014 Torque window
0x2014:1 Value
0x2014:2 Time
0x2015 Velocity feed forward
0x2015:1 Gain
0x2015:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2021 Velocity feedback filter
0x2021:1 Type
0x2021:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2022 Position feedback filter
0x2022:1 Type
0x2022:2 Cutoff frequency
0x2023 Notch filter
0x2023:1 Enabled
0x2023:2 Center frequency
0x2023:3 Rejection band
0x2027 Control input FIR filter
0x2027:1 Enabled
0x2027:2 Order
0x2030 Core temperature
0x2030:1 Measured temperature
0x2031 Drive temperature
0x2031:1 Measured temperature
0x2038 External scaled measurement
0x2038:1 Scaled measurement value
0x2038:2 Analog input
0x2038:3 Resistance
0x2038:4 Constant a0
0x2038:5 Constant a1
0x2038:6 Constant a2
0x2038:7 Constant a3
0x2038:8 Constant a4
0x2038:9 Constant a5
0x2038:10 Cutoff frequency
0x2038:11 Upper error threshold
0x2038:12 Lower error threshold
0x203F Error report
0x203F:1 Description
0x2040 Input counter
0x20E1 High resolution data
0x20E1:1 Data 1
0x20E1:2 Data 2
0x20E1:3 Data 3
0x20E1:4 Data 4
0x20F0 Timestamp
0x20F2 Assigned name
0x20F3 DC synchronization
0x20F3:1 DC pulse time
0x2110 Encoder 1 configuration
0x2110:1 Sensor port
0x2110:2 Type
0x2110:3 Resolution
0x2110:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2110:5 Polarity
0x2110:6 Singleturn offset
0x2110:7 Access signal type
0x2110:8 Clock frequency
0x2110:9 Frame size
0x2110:10 Multiturn bits
0x2110:11 Multiturn first bit position
0x2110:12 Singleturn bits
0x2110:13 Singleturn first bit position
0x2110:14 Timeout
0x2110:15 CRC polynomial
0x2110:16 Maximum tbusy
0x2110:17 Status bits active value
0x2110:18 Parity type
0x2110:19 First clock delay
0x2110:20 Data ordering
0x2110:21 Endianness
0x2110:22 Index availability
0x2110:23 Hall sensor port
0x2110:24 Sinewave cycles per revolution
0x2110:25 Sinewave resolution
0x2110:26 Sinusoidal output voltage
0x2110:27 Filter
0x2111 Encoder 1 feedback
0x2111:1 Raw position
0x2111:2 Adjusted position
0x2111:3 Velocity
0x2112 Encoder 2 configuration
0x2112:1 Sensor port
0x2112:2 Type
0x2112:3 Resolution
0x2112:4 Zero velocity threshold
0x2112:5 Polarity
0x2112:6 Singleturn offset
0x2112:7 Access signal type
0x2112:8 Clock frequency
0x2112:9 Frame size
0x2112:10 Multiturn bits
0x2112:11 Multiturn first bit position
0x2112:12 Singleturn bits
0x2112:13 Singleturn first bit position
0x2112:14 Timeout
0x2112:15 CRC polynomial
0x2112:16 Maximum tbusy
0x2112:17 Status bits active value
0x2112:18 Parity type
0x2112:19 First clock delay
0x2112:20 Data ordering
0x2112:21 Endianness
0x2112:22 Index availability
0x2112:23 Hall sensor port
0x2112:24 Sinewave cycles per revolution
0x2112:25 Sinewave resolution
0x2112:26 Sinusoidal output voltage
0x2112:27 Filter
0x2113 Encoder 2 feedback
0x2113:1 Raw position
0x2113:2 Adjusted position
0x2113:3 Velocity
0x2210 GPIO pin configuration
0x2210:1 Pin 1
0x2210:2 Pin 2
0x2210:3 Pin 3
0x2210:4 Pin 4
0x2210:5 Pin 5
0x2210:6 Pin 6
0x2210:7 Pin 7
0x2211 GPIO output events
0x2211:1 Timestamp setpoint
0x2212 GPIO input actions
0x2212:1 Timestamp on rising edge
0x2213 GPIO position trigger
0x2213:1 Position setpoint
0x2213:2 Target encoder
0x2213:3 Pulse width
0x2214 GPIO global options
0x2214:1 Voltage level
0x2401 Analog input 1
0x2402 Analog input 2
0x2403 Analog input 3
0x2404 Analog input 4
0x2611 Safety digital input diagnostics
0x2611:1 Input 1
0x2611:2 Input 2
0x2701 Tuning command
0x2702 Tuning status
0x2703 User MOSI
0x2704 User MISO
0x2705 Setup wizard completed
Profile Specific Area
Index Name
0x603F Error code
0x6040 Controlword
0x6041 Statusword
0x605A Quick stop option code
0x6060 Modes of operation
0x6061 Modes of operation display
0x6062 Position demand value
0x6064 Position actual value
0x6065 Following error window
0x6066 Following error time out
0x6067 Position window
0x6068 Position window time
0x606B Velocity demand value
0x606C Velocity actual value
0x606D Velocity window
0x606E Velocity window time
0x606F Velocity threshold
0x6070 Velocity threshold time
0x6071 Target Torque
0x6072 Max torque
0x6073 Max current
0x6074 Torque demand
0x6075 Motor rated current
0x6076 Motor rated torque
0x6077 Torque actual value
0x6079 DC link circuit voltage
0x607A Target position
0x607B Position range limit
0x607B:1 Min position range limit
0x607B:2 Max position range limit
0x607C Home offset
0x607D Software position limit
0x607D:1 Min position limit
0x607D:2 Max position limit
0x607E Polarity
0x6080 Max motor speed
0x6081 Profile velocity
0x6083 Profile acceleration
0x6084 Profile deceleration
0x6085 Quick stop deceleration
0x6086 Motion profile type
0x6087 Torque slope
0x6088 Torque profile type
0x6091 Gear ratio
0x6091:1 Motor revolutions
0x6091:2 Shaft revolutions
0x6098 Homing method
0x6099 Homing speeds
0x6099:1 Speed during search for switch
0x6099:2 Speed during search for zero
0x609A Homing acceleration
0x60A9 SI unit velocity
0x60B1 Velocity offset
0x60B2 Torque offset
0x60F4 Following error actual value
0x60FA Control effort
0x60FC Position demand internal value
0x60FD Digital inputs
0x60FE Digital outputs
0x60FE:1 Physical outputs
0x60FE:2 Bit mask
0x60FF Target velocity
0x6502 Supported drive modes
0x6621 Safety statusword
0x6621:1 Byte 1
0x6621:2 Byte 2