Updating SII/EEPROM with IgH

If it is necessary to update the SII/EEPROM of the EtherCAT device because of new features (e.g. new PDO or SyncManager layout) or bugfixes in the device description, do the following steps:

  1. Connect your device and power it up

  2. Start the IgH master as described in Starting and stopping the driver

  3. Look up and verify the name of the new SII/EEPROM file (e.g. somanet.sii) and change to this directory

  4. Now check if the slave is recognized

    $ ethercat slave
  5. If the slave show up it is time to update the SII/EEPROM

    $ ethercat sii_write somanet.sii

    Please put the name of your SII binary instead of somanet.sii here.

  6. After the binary is transfered without error message shutdown the driver as described in Starting and stopping the driver and powercycle the device. After the device is repowered you can start the driver again. The new SII/EEPROM configuration is now active.

In case of an error, please try the here described steps again. If the error persists please contact the provider of the SII/EEPROM configuration.